MN Cylinder
Written by Ehsan Roohi Golkhatmi   



Micro Cylinder Flow

Here, we consider the flow of argon with a Mach of 10 over a micro cylinder with a diameter of 0.3024 mm. The inlet flow temperature is 200 K while the surface temperature of the micro cylinder is 500 K. The free stream number density is 4.247×1026 molecules/m3 and the global Knudsen number based on the micro cylinder diameter and freestream mean free path is Kn =0.01. A time step of 2.0×10-12 s is employed in the calculations. Figure 1 illustrates the temperature contours for both of our NS and DSMC solvers. The top face contour shows the NS solution and the bottom one shows the DSMC solution. The continuum and molecular solutions perform differently in predicting the shock wave thickness, the boundary layer over the micro cylinder, and the wake region behind the micro cylinder. Comparing with the NS solution, the DSMC solution provides a much thicker shock wave and locates it upstream of the micro cylinder. Otherwise, the NS and DSMC solutions perform almost similar solutions in the other parts of the computational domain.



Fig. 1. Temperature Field Over the Micro-Cylinder, top side: NS solution, bottom side: DSMC solution.



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