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Micro/Nanoscale Flow Simulation Using DSMC

DSMC (Direct Simulation Monte Carlo) method is a numerical tool to solve the Boltzmann equation based on direct statistical simulation of the molecular processes described by the kinetic theory. It is considered as a particle method in which particle represents a large bulk of real gas molecules. The primary principle of DSMC is to decouple the motion and collision of particles during one time step. The implementation of DSMC needs breaking down the computational domain into a collection of grid cells. The cells are divided into sub-cells in each direction. Sub-cells are then utilized to facilitate the selection of collision pairs. After fulfilling all molecular movements, the collisions between molecules are simulated in each cell separately.

We have used the DSMC method in the following topics.


Micro/Nano Channel




Micro-Cylinder Flow


Micro/Nano Cavity


Parallel Processing


Backward Facing Step


DSMC Cooling

dsmc foam



More details on the DSMC method could be find in:

1. Bird GA. Molecular Gas Dynamics and the Direct Simulation of Gas Flows. Clarendon Press, Oxford, United Kingdom, (1994).

2. Liou WW and Fang Y. Microfluidic Mechanics: Principles and Modeling. McGraw-Hill, (2006).

Relevant Websites:

1. Prof. Bird's Website: http://gab.com.au/

2. Prof. Garcia's Website: http://www.algarcia.org/


See my short lectures on DSMC given last year in CFD class.

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