Supersonic Aerodynamics
Written by Ehsan Roohi Golkhatmi   



Supersonic Aerodynamics


Spring 2017:  

Course Syllabus

Teaching Plan  


Spring 2015:

HW Linear supersonic flow

Supersonic Airfoil Lift

Supersonic Airfoil Lift 2

HW alternative to quiz

Pages from Bertin (Linear flow)

Conical Flow Charts (from Bos and Farokhi)

Conical Flow HW  


Spring 2013:

Conical Flow HW (Note1, Note2, HW)

Supersonic Linearized Theory (Chapter 12 of Anderson)

Shock Free airfoils (PDF1, PDF2)

Linearized Theory (Chapter 11 of Anderson)

Compressibility Correction (from MATH45111: Compressible and Incompressible Fluid Dynamics)

Wedge Drag

HW Airfoil Set#1 (P1 P2) (Only page 1 and airfoil figure from page 2)

HW Airfoil Set#2 (P1 P2)

Course from Indian University:

Bonny Original paper (Supersonic wing)


Spring 2012:


Course Syllabus

Shock Wave (Lecture)

Shock Wave Definition

Homework Number 1

Correction on Homework No. 1

Conical Flow Homework

Oblique Shock Relation Calculator

Conical Note

Conical Flow Guide from Ryerson University

Transonic Airfoils (Prof. W.H. Mason Note)

Calling MATLAB from a Fortran Application

Original Taylor Maccol: Paper 1 , Paper 2


Spring 2011.




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