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Written by Ehsan Roohi Golkhatmi   


Gas Dynamics (Graduate)


Spring 2013:


Syllabus and HW Format is available at:

HW#1 (Nozzle Flow)


Shock in Nozzle paper:


HW#2 (Fanno-Rayleigh Flow)

HW#3 (Shock Waves and Airfoil)

HW#4 (Unsteady Waves)


Video courses of Gas Dynamics


Spring 2012:

Course Syllabus

Homework Chapter 4

Homework Chapter 7

Oblique Shock Relation Calculator

Solution to Q#1 from Chapter 7

Homework: Analytical Relations

Homework: Linearization 1

Homework: Linearization 2

Homework: Linearization 3

Homework: Unsteady Flow

Chapter 12 of Aerodynamics of Anderson

Supersonic Lecture of Prof. Mourtous

Sample Homework and Solution







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